Why Choose Nitrofert?


Our fertilisers are sourced from the largest and most reputable manufacturers of quality fertilisers in the world.  When material arrives at our premises in New Ross, we carefully sample, test, screen and blend our products to ensure they are dust and lump free and of the best possible quality before going out on farm.


Renowned as ‘Easy to do business with‘, NitroFert experts are always ready to advise and help with any queries you may have.


All NitroFert products will spread accurately over a range of widths & our fertilisers are stringently tested to meet strict quality criteria in terms of size, shape, density and strength of particles.  Our products have been independently tested for spreadability by SCS ltd in England where they performed excellently, achieving perfect spread patterns!


The soil is the foundation of any successful farm system and with the correct choice of fertiliser and technical expertise, NitroFert can help farmers achieve a profitable and sustainable farm system.

Find out why NitroFert is the Irish farmers No.1 choice of fertiliser!

Micheál Crowe, Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary.

Finalist in NDC & Kerrygold Quality Milk Awards 2014.

Tipperary Co Op Supplier.

“Since changing to NitroFert fertilisers over 3 years ago, I have seen a big improvement in the quality of the sward – my cows are happier and more content due to the palatability of the grass and my indexes are showing a rise in soil fertility.
Another big benefit I find with NitroFert is that the high solubility of the fertiliser means I get a quicker regrowth on the next rotation. I am very happy with this range of fertilisers and will continue using Nitrofert into the future.”

Michael Crove

Ray Ryan.

Dairy Farmer.

Co. Offaly.

“I used Dairyselect for the first time this year on both grazing and silage ground and find it has improved grass covers in all fields where it was spread, particularly those which were affected by drought.”

Ray Ryan

Paul & David Hyland.

Dairy Farmers, Ballacolla,

Co. Laois.

“Since we started using Dairyselect the grass in the paddocks responds much more quickly than other products, leaving no hulls on top of the soil.  NitroFert fertilisers tick a lot of the boxes for us – consistency, quality & most importantly return on investment.”

Ray Ryan

“I have been using Dairy Select Pasture for the past 8 years on my paddocks & get on extremely well with it.  I find it a great value product that is very easy & dust free to spread.  It melts easily into the ground & the team in NitroFert are always very helpful with any queries I have.”

Ned O’Neill, Dairy Farmer, Co. Kilkenny

“I use Dairy Select Cut+ & find that the higher sulphur content has helped prevent lockup of soil nutrients resulting in better grass growth & was faster acting than others particularly in dry weather.”

Robert Forristal, Dairy Farmer, Co. Kilkenny

Customer Testimonials

Micheál Crowe
Cappawhite, Co.Tipperary – Dairy farmer

Paul & David Hyland Ballacolla, Co. Laois – Dairy farmers

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