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Formulated for sulphur hungry pasture swards to reach their yield potential.

This variation of Pasture + from NitroFert, is a special formulation of NPK but contains extra sulphur suitable for those with particularly sulphur deficient soils. Similar to other products in the DairySelect range, this fertiliser is highly soluble and will quickly give a great response in both grass yield and quality.

Nutrient Composition

   Nitrogen (N)  26%
  Phosphorus (P)  2.5%
  Potassium (K)  5%
  Sulphur (S) 4%


Available in 50kg, 500kg, TopLift and Bulk.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • A highly soluble product that is absorbed into the soil overnight leading to a fast performance reaction.
  • Granules are consistently size matched which means spreader settings for this product always remain the same.
  • An exceptionally clean product the nature of this fertiliser makes it also suitable for dissolving in liquid spreaders.
  • The round shape, strength and density of the product means it will easily spread evenly over 24 meters giving better distribution of nutrients to the soil.
  • Due to granule size, there are more particles per meter square making it easier and faster to get to the plant roots.
  • Sulphur is essential for grass growth and efficient Nitrogen uptake. It is very mobile on light, free draining soils so can lead to deficiencies particularly on these soil types. Sulphur can increase grass yield and protein content.
Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

NitroFert recommend that a soil analysis is conducted to gauge overall soil fertility status and therefore get the most benefit from fertilisers applied. The following is an application guideline for Pasture +

For general paddock grazing, apply 75kg per acre.

Spreader Calibration

Spreader Calibration

For best results, NitroFert recommends following your spreader manufacturer guidelines in setting your spreader for application rate and spread pattern. Please click here for a link to the various spreader companies that our products are listed with.

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