Nitrosweet - yield potential


Sweeten your sward and achieve your yield potential!

According to Teagasc figures, each extra ton of grass eaten is worth 185euro per hectare in extra profit! This is a high nitrogen granular fertiliser that contains essential nutrients that sweeten the sward and increase grass intake.

Nutrient Composition

   Nitrogen (N)  23%
   Sulphur (S)  2%
   Sodium (Na)  5%
   Magnesium (Mg) 1.2%


Packed in 500kg & 50kg bags.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • The sodium content will increase palatability of the sward and DM intake by the animal. This will result in livestock eating out the paddocks better and will give cleaner paddocks with thicker swards.
  • Nitrogen will increase plant growth and yield resulting in lush, green grass.
  • Sulphur is a major soil nutrient that will improve Nitrogen uptake and efficiency and will raise protein content of the grass sward.
  • Overall herd health will be improved due to key nutrients such as magnesium that help to reduce grass tetany, stimulates appetite and improves nutrient availability to the plant.
  • This is a free flowing, dust free product that spreads easily and uniformly thereby optimising nutrient efficiency by the plant.
  • All raw materials for NitroFert fertilisers are sourced to a very high spec from reputable suppliers holding quality accreditation and guarantee a reliable and consistently high quality product.
Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

Grassland: Timing:    Rate/Acre:
Early Grass 6-8 weeks before turnout 100-150kg/acre
General After each grazing 75-100kg/acre
Spreader Calibration

Spreader Calibration

For best results, NitroFert recommends following your spreader manufacturer guidelines in setting your spreader for application rate and spread pattern. Please click here for a link to the various spreader companies that our products are listed with.

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