Diary Select SulCAN

Silage excel - Nutrients


DairySelect is designed to meet the demands of modern Irish grassland farmers to grow grass fast by quickly dissolving INTO the soil and not sitting ON it. DairySelect gets to more of the roots faster as there are more grains packed closer to the plant base and therefore the grass plant does not have to work as hard to access the fertiliser nutrients. Due to its hydroscopic properties DairySelect also dissolves faster into the ground and quickly provides the plant with the nutrients it needs. Other products give a slower response as they struggle to get to the plant base and as there are less of them the plant has to work hard to get the nutrients. Other products also take longer to break down particularly in dry conditions.

Nutrient Composition

   Nitrogen (N)    26%
   Nitric Nitrogen    11%
   Ammoniacal Nitrogen    15%
   Sulphur soluble in water (s)    5%


Available in 50kg, 500kg, TopLift and Bulk.

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