Slurry balancer + sulphur

23-2.2-4.5 +3S

A granular high nitrogen fertiliser with added sulphur.

A balance of NPK and Sulphur nutrients, useful on soil where slurry is applied.

Nutrient Composition

   Nitrogen (N)  23%
  Phosphorus (P)  2.2%
  Potassium (K)  4.5%
  Sulphur (s)  3%


Available in 50kg, 500kg, TopLift and bulk.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • An excellent quality granular fertiliser.
  • High density, large round granules for easy spread.
  • Free flowing and dust free.
Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

NitroFert recommend to all their customers that a soil analysis is carried out in order to find out the overall fertility status of the soil and therefore get the most benefit from any fertilisers applied.

Spreader Calibration

Spreader Calibration

For best results, NitroFert recommends following your spreader manufacturer guidelines in setting your spreader for application rate and spread pattern. Please click here for a link to the various spreader companies that our products are listed with.

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