GRANULAR UREA – A granular fertiliser containing 46% nitrogen.

Granular Urea, Granular Nitrogen


A granular fertiliser containing 46% nitrogen

Nutrient Composition

   Nitrogen (N)  46%


Available in 375kg & 40kg

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • A cost effective form of Nitrogen. Urea is a cheap form of nitrogen that can significantly reduce input costs.
  • It can give a similar agronomic performance to that of CAN at a lower cost per kg of N.
Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

As urea is extremely volatile it is ideally applied early in the growing season when soil is moist and temperatures are warm but not above 11 degrees. Losses can be reduced by rapid incorporation of it into the soil by applying before rain (within 8 hours) and using low rate applications (40kg/ha). Urea requires moisture to work and should not be used on very dry land or during the summer months.

Spreader Calibration

Spreader Calibration

For best results, NitroFert recommends following your spreader manufacturer guidelines in setting your spreader for application rate and spread pattern. Please click here for a link to the various spreader companies that our products are listed with.

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