Richgrass - healthier herd


A carefully balanced granular high nitrogen fertiliser containing trace elements.

This is a specially formulated fertiliser that results in a high yielding grass sward with the added benefits of trace elements to give a more palatable sward and healthier herd.

Nutrient Composition

   Nitrogen (N)  22.5%
  Phosphorus (P)  2.5%
  Potassium (K)  4.5%
  Sulphur (s)  3%

Trace Elements

  Content: Benefits of Trace Element :
  Magnesium (Mg)  1.2% Reduces risk of grass tetany, nutrient availability
and appetite is improved
  Copper (Cu)  0.02% Improves herd thrive and fertility
  Manganese (Mn) 0.015% Increases dry matter and plant yield and
promotes grass root development.
  Zinc (Zn) 0.02% Reduces mastitis occurrence, improves semen
production, Stimulates hoof and hair production
and reduces lameness, enhances plant tillering.


Available in 50kg, 500kg, and TopLift.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • A cost effective, high spec granular fertiliser containing trace elements.
  • Can be spread throughout the grazing season.
  • Increases yields and improves DM and protein content of the sward.
  • Produces a more palatable sward that improves animal intake and also herd health and fertility.
  • Is also suitable for silage production and top dressing cereals.

Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

Early Grass production : Apply 100kg/acre 6 to 8 weeks before turnout
  General grazing : Apply 75kg/acre after each grazing
  Silage/Hay production : Apply 150 to 250kg/acre 8 weeks before cutting
Spreader Calibration

Spreader Calibration

For best results, NitroFert recommends following your spreader manufacturer guidelines in setting your spreader for application rate and spread pattern. Please click here for a link to the various spreader companies that our products are listed with.

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