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How does Nitro-Guard Urea work?

Nitro-Guard is granular urea that has been treated with a urease inhibitor called Limus®. This unique product works by temporarily blocking the urease enzymes from converting urea into ammonia until the urea has been sufficiently washed into the ground and gives it time to move into the soil, buffering the pH spike and minimising losses.  Developed by BASF, Limus® is the most modern chemistry formulation in protected urea.  It is a unique combination of NBPT and NPPT and is 40% more efficient than competitor products containing NBPT alone. Due to its chemistry, Limus® is a more broad spectrum product which enables it to bind to a wider variety of urease enzymes in the soil.

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What are the benefits?

Nitrogen is essential for grass & crop growth, protected urea products containing registered urease inhibitors including NBPT and NPPT have been identified by Teagasc as the No.1 technology to reduce ammonia and nitrous oxide losses in the atmosphere and can also help improve water quality.

Teagasc Trials have found that protected urea consistently gives the same yield as CAN.

ADAS Trials have found a 5% (0.5t/ha) increase in cereal yield with Limus®.

Teagasc analysis has shown that protected urea represents good value as it is less costly per unit of N than CAN and it can be spread throughout the growing season.

Download Our Nitro-Guard Brochure

Download our Nitro-Guard brochure on how Nitro-Guard Urea works and on the benefits.

Nitro-Guard User Guidelines

  •  While Nitro-Guard can be applied throughout the season, it is recommended to avoid application during periods of drought or snow or when ground is waterlogged.
  •  Don’t forget to calibrate and correctly set your spreader as urea has a different bulk density than CAN.
  • Follow safe fertiliser handling guidelines and as with any chemical it is advisable to wear gloves and protective clothing when handling fertiliser.

Why you should choose Limus® protected urea products.

New to the Irish market, Limus® protected urea contains an innovative, dual-active urease inhibitor that minimises nitrogen losses and supports optimal nitrogen availability for your grass or crop. If you want to stop profits escaping, start by choosing Limus® protected urea.

Download this brochure for more information on Limus® protected Urea.

Nitro-Guard Protected Urea

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Where can I get it?

Nitro-Guard is available from all leading Co-ops & Merchants nationwide.
Please contact us at +353 (0) 51 425169 or email to find your nearest supplier.

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